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Left Coast Soul Alliance

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All Members , Moderated
The Left Coast Soul Alliance is a place for soul music DJ's, promoters, and fans on the west coast. Members should expect to contribute information about events going on in their area and respect and support the events of other members. DJ's can trade venue information, event horror stories, vinyl, & equipment. Living on the west coast is not a requirement as a lot of advice can be given to traveling DJ's or those considering a move.

The community is closed but all I ask of you to become a member is to send an email telling me a bit about yourself and maybe your top five soul cuts.

45's, betty lavette, boogaloo, brunswick, cadet, cameo-parkway, chess, chet "poison" ivey, club au go-go, crossroads, dance parties, darrell banks, digging, dj, eddie bo, etta james, funk, funky16corners, groovesville, hi, hipsters, j.j. barnes, jive time, jump jump, kincora's, king, magic touch, major lance, mary love, mirwood, modern, northern soul, okeh, otis redding, phil-la of soul, portland, ric-tic, san francisco, seattle, shanghai tunnel, shirley ellis, shorty long, soul fire, stax, syl johnson, tamla-motown, teh olympics, the 45 club, the arabians, the artistics, the werepad, tk, tommy hunt, tommy neil, tube, twinight, volt, willie kendrick